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Research Departments

The research departments of the Research Center are as follows:

1-    Private law department;

2-    Criminal law and criminology department;

3-    Public and international law department.


These departments are led by distinguished professors and researchers of the legal domain. The research departments also benefit from the intensive collaboration of the other researchers, professors and students outside the institute.

The Research Center has so far performed several research projects which have been published as books, articles or even journals. Some of these research projects were performed upon the request of governmental organizations.

In addition, the Center is involved in publication of books as well as holding conferences and presentations by professors of law.

This Research Center provides an opportunity for exchange of legal views and information and intends to prepare a proper atmosphere for a better understanding of the current problems in the legal system of Iran and, consequently, provision of an appropriate understanding of the real problems and needs of the society to the jurists of the country. To this end, the Center intends to have an intense collaboration with the newly established law club.

 The Center believes in the need for legal research as a main element in development of the country and realization of justice in the society and for that purpose has always endeavored to gather the qualified researchers in conducting legal research projects. The research departments follow two methods for performing their research projects:

-         Upon its own initiative, the institute identifies the issues facing the society and starts a research project on that issue; or

-         Upon the request of other governmental or private entities, the institute performs a legal research project on the requested subject.


Using the collaboration of distinguished researchers and professors of law throughout the country and availing itself from the most resourceful libraries, the institute is ready to perform legal research projects in any area needed.

 In addition, the Center performs research projects in partnership with other institutes.

To order your research projects and for more information, please contact the institute or email to the following address

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