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The Training Center of the Institute started its activities in 2013. So far this Center has held several short-term training courses as well as several workshops on different subjects. All these courses and workshops have been led by distinguished professors and lawyers whose knowledge and experience will develop the knowledge and skills of young lawyers as well as managers and legal counsels of governmental and private entities throughout the country.

To this end, the training center has successfully held several training courses based upon the needs and concerns of different organizations and entities and is ready and willing to cooperate with all governmental and private entities for that purpose.

To help the researchers who live outside Tehran and who may not have the possibility to participate in the courses, the center publishes and distributes the recordings of these courses along with other relevant information.

Some of the courses held so far are as follows:

-         Course on advocacy skills ( including civil and criminal cases);

-         Course on the law of pre-sale of apartments;

-         Course on the law of lands and property;

-         Course on the new opportunities for investment in post-sanctions Iran;

-         Course on comparative study of basics of the US law of contracts and Iran’s  civil law;

-         Course on basics of constitutional law of Iran (in English language);

-         Course on the medical law;

-         Course on banking law;

-         Course on criminal law aspects of information technology;

-         Course on international arbitration;

-         Course on the violation of trademarks law;

-         Course on violation of patent law;

-         Course on the study of disputes subject to article 100 commission of the law of municipalities;

-         Introduction to laws and regulation of municipalities;

-         Course on international commercial contracts;

-         Course on skills of negotiation in international contracts;

-         Course on management and engineering of international contracts;

-         Course on management of claims;

-         Course on the law of foreign investment;

-         Course on skills for contract drafting;

-         Course on law of the capital market;

-         Course on law of bidding;

-         Course on insurance law;

-         Course on law of trade companies (joint stock companies);

-         An introduction to commercial deeds;

-         Course on tax law;

-         Course on electronic commerce;

-         Course on the new penal code;

-         Course on The family code of 1392.

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