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About Us

The institute started its activities in 2008 as a publisher of legal textbooks with a research-oriented approach. Most of the books published by the Institute are the result of research projects or translations performed on subjects in which the legal literature of Iran was facing lack of resources. This approach and policy of the institute is clearly reflected in subjects of books published so far.

The journal of Legal Researches which started its publication in 2003. The Journals Department of the institute has started a new agenda to publish more focused journals. At the time being, the Journal of Criminal law and Criminology with a scientific-research grade is published periodically. In addition, the Private Law Journal is also being published and is about to receive the scientific-research grade in near future.

Establishment of the Law Club is another initiative of the institute which, by availing itself of the capacities of cyber space, provides a platform for lawyers and jurists to exchange ideas and opinions regarding different legal issues. This Club will provide legal news as well as possibilities for creating legal weblogs or groups for jurists.

The library of the institute as one of the biggest legal libraries in the country contains a huge number of resources for researches. The library hosts a significant number of researchers who are performing either legal research projects and/or their studies. In addition, the online library, which has been evolving in recent years, provides an outstanding number of full text legal resources both in Persian and other languages. This library is consistently under development.

Considering the financial limitations, the institute has been developing in a gradual yet very consistent and prosperous pace. We have been able to acquire the support and encouragement of the many supporters among the elites of the society. The elites of the legal society of our country have variously supported us through, for instance, collaboration in research projects, cooperation in editorial board of journals of the institute, cooperation in selection and publication of proper books, participation in consultancy meetings and encouragement of law students for cooperation with the institute or benefitting from the services of the institute. In several cases, the lawyers and professors have kindly introduced and recommended the institute and its services to others.

We sincerely welcome any support of the legal scholars and professors. The institute always welcomes any voluntary help and support of lawyers, professors and researches who intend to kindly help us.

The members of the board of directors are as follows:
– Chair of the board- member of the board
– Managing director- vice president- legal deputy

Our esteemed legal scholars and research colleagues are all among the renowned law graduates. Some of our colleagues, advisors as well as members of editorial boards are as follows:
– Professor- Associate professor- Assistant professor

The director and chief editors of journals:

  • Dr. Vahid Eshtiagh; founder and managing director of legal journals;
  • Dr. Mohammad Ashuri, chief editor of Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology;
  • Dr. Najad Ali Almasi, chief editor of Private Law Journal;
  • Dr. Seyed Jamal Seifi, chief editor of Journal of Public and International Law;
  • Dr. Seyed Ghassem Zamani, chief editor of Journal of Legal Researches.