Advanced Law Texts

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Advanced Law Texts
A Practical English Course for the Students of Public Law
Chapter One
Unit One: Constitutional Law
Unit Two: Constitutional functions in a liberal state
Unit Three: A Written Constitution: A Case Not Made
Unit Four: Defending the Constitution from Unconstitutional Amendments
Unit Five: On Constituent Power
Unit Six: The shibboleth of sovereignty
Unit Seven: The Contemporary Crisis of Constitutional Democracy
Unit Eight: Constitutional Change without Constitutional Amendment
Unit Nine: The Form and Formation of Constitutionalism in India
Unit Ten: International Constitutionalism
Chapter TWO
Unit Eleven: Milestones in the Evolution of the Administrative State
Unit Twelve: Administrative Law’s Quasi-Constitutional Status
Unit Thirteen: Explaining the Policing Function and Its History
Unit Fourteen: The Inevitability of Administrative Discretion
Unit Fifteen: Administrative Law in the Automated State
Unit Sixteen: Empathy in the Digital Administrative State
Unit Seventeen: The President’s Role in the Administrative State
Unit Eighteen: Hayek and the Rule of Law: Implications for the Administrative State
Chapter Three
Unit Nineteen (Part One): Technology, Taxation, and Corruption
Unit Nineteen: (Part two): Tax Policy in the Age of Automation
Unit Twenty: (Part one): Sustainability: Lessons from Sweden
Unit Twenty: (Part two): Competition Law in EU and the US: so close but so far
Unit Twenty-one: Remote Testimony for Survivors of Domestic Violence
Unit Twenty-two: Is There an Individual Right to Remote Work?
Unit Twenty-three: Toward a Theory of Governance
Unit Twenty-four: Corruption
Unit Twenty-five: When Is It Democratic to Postpone an Election?

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