Library, documents and specialized legal information center

Shahr Danesh Legal Research Institute has been trying to provide a specialized law research library since the beginning of its establishment. The core of this library started with the purchase of several legal libraries and books that were available in the market. In the first step, the research institute tried to collect all Persian legal books and publications from the beginning of the printing industry in Iran until now. Achieving this goal was not easy, and many efforts were made to provide old copies of some books in the National Library or the Islamic Parliament. Since then, this collection has been kept up-to-date and it is perhaps the most complete collection of Persian legal books and publications in the country

In addition, we provided a large collection of sources of Imami and Sunni jurisprudence for researchers. Law is a multidisciplinary major, so we tried to provide a few important related works in the fields of political science, international relations, philosophy, social science, psychology, and economics in Persian and English and made them available. By this date, more than 10,000 titles of Persian legal books and 9,500 titles of books in foreign languages, some of which exceed one hundred volumes, are available for researchers. One of the most important parts of the library is the legal theses section which has been prepared and archived in both paper and virtual forms. By this date, the number of theses is more than 1000 titles from different universities of the country and is constantly increasing. This section is used with special rules for preventing plagiarism. The library welcomes advisor and supervisor professors who wish to donate theses to the library. We will register their names in our list of donors. The library system is an open shelf and users can directly refer to the bookshelves.