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Online library

To expand its services and provide a platform for facilitation of conducting legal researches using modern technologies, the library of the Institute has launched an online legal library. Those researchers who do not have the possibility to refer to the institute for their researches will have access to full text of resources of the library though internet without any time limitation.

The online library contains a huge number of English and Persian journals and books which is increasing daily as the library expands its resources. The collection of English articles available in this library provides publications of the most renowned law journals of the world published through years of 2000-2014. The collection of Persian articles also contains the oldest legal journals of the country (from 1938) up until the most recent publications. In addition to the articles, the library contains a significant volume of English and Persian books. In numbers, the library contains more than 52014 English articles, 25270 Persian articles, 160 Persian books and 3160 English books. The institute is earnestly trying to increase this volume on a daily basis.

The resources can be searched free of charge, however, to view the full text, membership is required. Those who apply for membership of the library now, will have the possibility to view and use the resources which will be added to the library during their membership period.

A part of the resources available in the online library are also available as hard copy, these include mostly the Persian articles and books. The Persian books available on the online library are solely the books published by the institute itself; however, the English articles and books are mostly available solely in the online library.

To view how to search the online library, click here .

To search through the resources of the online library, click here .

Other services of the online library:
- Distribution of electronic books, mostly English;
- Collection of resources for specific legal researches and provision of them to the researchers in a CD;
- Scan of legal books based upon the concerned regulations;
- Printing the books and articles and delivering them to the researches;