Publishing Department                    

The publishing department of Shahre Danesh Legal Research Institute started its activities in the field of publishing legal books with a research approach in 1999 and now, after years of continuous activity, it is recognized as one of the leading publishers in the field of publishing specialized legal books. Many of the published books are the results of research projects at the research institute or the translation of selected titles that have been recognized as essential to the country’s legal literature. Shahre Danesh Legal Research Institute has always tried to publish useful works. Looking at the titles of the books published by the research institute, one can see the viewpoint and the publishing policy of the research institute. Many books have been published including works that are the result of research and the work of researchers as well as prominent Iranian law writers. Our publications also include translations of works required in the country’s legal literature. The institute has published valuable theses and scholarly works that fit within the framework of its policy after they underwent a review process to ensure their scientific proficiency. Many other works have also been published using this framework. Several of our published books act as resources in different universities, sometimes going up to the 44th edition. Also, many of the research institute’s published works have won awards and top scientific ranks from various organizations and festivals. Some of the research institute’s works have been published and appreciated in the framework of international cooperation and in coordination with international institutions. One of the prominent features of the books published by the research institute is that these works are error-free to a large extent. The institute’s attentiveness to copyright principles allows the authors to entrust their work to them.


Electronic and Multimedia Publishing

Some of the research institute’s work has been published in the form of audiobooks. The country’s legal community has become increasingly interested in these resources. Goya Law collection is one of the works being prepared to act as an audio reference. For this purpose, the institute invested in a sound studio to facilitate the production of such work.


Online shop

Shahre Danesh Legal Research Institute’s publishing department sells its work through its website, available at In addition, the agency has given its book sales to Farhang and Danesh Cultural Research Institute. This institute offers a variety of paper and digital products. These are available online at In addition, Shahre Danesh Legal Research Institute sells its works nationally through its bookstore in front of the University of Tehran. The profits from the sales of the products strengthen the foundation of the Law Research Institute.


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