Shahredanesh Legal Research Institute holds scientific meetings with the cooperation of prominent jurists to find appropriate solutions for legal challenges in the country. The discussions involve evidence based arguments, legal analysis, and the general exchange of opinions to develop various scientific ideas for addressing contemporary legal issues. These meetings are held with legal chairs of the Institute under the supervision of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and with the approval of relevant secretariat. These meetings provide the space for presenters to express their views and solutions which are then subject to judgment and constructive criticism from other meeting members. These meetings provide participants with the opportunity to present their views and engage in useful discussions that lead to the cultivation and enrichment of ideas.

Shahradanesh Legal Research Institute has held many successful legal meetings and we have included the topics of some of our discussions below:                                                                                           

      1. The legal definition of the fetus, the time of realization, and the legal and moral effects of abortion                    

      2. A review of the prison regulations that were approved in the year 1400

 3. Criticism of the legislative approach in guaranteeing the execution of bounced checks

 4. Reviewing and criticizing the regulations of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology regarding scientific publications

  5.  Legal examination of the restriction and prohibition of screening in the population youth plan and family support

The results of the meetings are published in various forms for the use of researchers, professors, students, judges, lawyers, and influential members in the legislative, judicial and executive systems of the country.

The topics for the meetings are selected following the identification of the pertinent problems of the country’s legal order by legal experts, and sometimes these topics are selected   from the requests of people who are suffering from problems caused by legislative or executive deficiencies.

The research institute welcomes people who wish to provide spiritual or financial support for the legal meetings. To access the list of held meetings and their contents, enter the “Theoretician Chairs ” tab on the research institute’s website at