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The library of the Institute was established for the purpose of provision of the legal resources needed by the researchers. The huge volume of resources available in the library covers almost all the Persian books and journals as well as a significant volume of foreign resources including Arabic, Far East, European and North American legal resources. The library also hosts a considerable volume of resources regarding the Imamia Fiqh as well as Sunni religions.


The library was established in 1995, first as a compilation of a few legal libraries and then addition of legal books available in the market. Since the library intended to contain all the Persian legal books and journals from the inception of publication industry in Iran, the first step was to prepare a comprehensive list of all legal publications. This list was prepared using the index and resources of other books and journals as well as the index of other big libraries such as the national library, the library of the parliament, the library of the Tehran University and a few others. In the second step, the books or journals were either purchased from the market or, if not available in the market, were borrowed from other resources to be copied and bound for use in the library.

The resources of the library:

The library contains almost %95 of the Persian legal resources published in the country. This, however, does not prevent the library’s mission in keeping its resources as up-date as possible.

The legal journals have also taken the same path as the books available in the library; at the time being the library hosts almost %80 of complete archive of legal journals. The rest of the journals published in the country are also under the process of collection for provision to the users.

Apart from the books and journals, the library intends to collect and provide the reports of the parliament since the very beginning until now. So far a significant number of these reports have been collected and are being completed for access of users.


- Study room: the library uses the open system and users may directly refer to the shelves for having access to their required resources. The library does not lend resources, however, it is possible to make limited copies of parts of the recourses in the specific facilities of the library. The library provides an ideal atmosphere for researchers as well as post-graduate students who are furnishing their studies on their dissertation or thesis.

- Internet access: The library provides wifi internet access to all users in an affordable price.

- Lockers: The library contains several lockers where the users can store their private belongings.

- Preparation of requested books: The researchers, who are looking for a special books or article not available in the library, may recommend it to the library and the library will try to prepare that resource. The library also welcomes the professors and students who kindly donate their thesis or dissertation to the library.

- The online library: The researchers can now benefit from the online library of the Institute which contains a huge volume of both Persian and foreign resources the full text of which can be accessed by the members. For more information, click here.

Working hours:

Except for official holidays, the library is open from 8 to 19 on Saturdays to Wednesdays and from 8 to 18 on Thursdays.